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At Falengreen, we develop, produce and import a wide
selection of products at competitive prices.

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A family business with strong values

Falengreen is a family-owned company from 1989, named after the founder Ole Falengreen Nielsen. Since then, a lot of water has flown under the bridge. The development has been characterized by innovation and growth with several gazelle prices as a result. But even though a lot has happened, the values have remained the same throughout.

Our products

Customized solutions across product categories

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Dairy products and grated cheese

In terms of our close cooperation with a number of European producers, we can offer a wide selection of high-quality cheese and dairy products, just as in our own production we have special competences in all kinds of grated cheese and toppings. 

Convenience, kølevarer, salat, pålæg, tærter, slagterhåndværk

Convenience and refrigerated goods

We have a varied range of convenience products that save consumers time without compromising on taste and quality. This makes it a little easier in both private and professional kitchens.

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Frozen products

At Falengreen, we have a large range of frozen products that can be used for any occastion. We cover the whole table, which is why you’ll find everything from bread and meat products to cakes.

Falengreen drikkevarer, juice, shots, spiritus, ice tea


Juice, ice tea, cocoa milk, soft drinks and spirits are some of the drinks we have in the range at Falengreen. These are offered both as own concepts or as private label.

Grated cheese and topping at our own production facilities

In Stilling, near Skanderborg, Falengreen has its own production premises. Here, cheeses are grated, diced and packed in different bag sizes from 100 g to 5 kg. We offer both conventional cheese, organic and vegetable cheese. The characteristics of all of them are that we operate with flexible and innovative solutions where we can adapt the product or mix to specific requirements or wishes.

Falengreen’s production is IFS certified and has a number of special certificates such as organic and halal. We have a strong focus on quality and food safety, which entails audits as well as self-control and quality management.

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Falengreen Convenience leverandør brandpartnere

A strong team of national and international brand partners

Collaboration is very important to us when we create and develop successful products together with our suppliers. That is why we attach great importance to jointly building a healthy and inspiring collaboration, where we contribute to drive product development and together can help create growth and value for our brand partners in the long run.

Falengreen has many years of experience with importing products and can contribute with, among other things, Key Account Management, sales force, market knowledge, marketing and good logistics. 

We create sales across retail, foodservice, industry and export

For us, it is paramount that we understand what is happening in the market, and at the same time understand how our customers are developing in relation to the end consumer. That is why we focus on how consumers’ needs vary, so that we ultimately come up with a product that can be put on sale. 

The customers are the large retail chains in Denmark as well as the foodservice and industrial sectors. For these, own concepts, private label development and foreign brands are offered. In addition to Denmark, we also have distribution to several foreign markets. 

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