At Falengreen our main focus areas are flexibility, innovation and dedication. We have a wide portfolio and we produce many different mixes of grated cheese, conventional as well as organic, for pizza, pasta, bread, potatoes and salads. We act quickly on market trends and customize the products according to consumer demands and wishes. Our production lines are able to produce different sizes of grated and cubed cheeses. Furthermore, we have a production of analogue blocks based on vegetable oils instead of milk fat.

A number of very liable and competent employees, most of them employed at Falengreen for many years, work in our production. We are proud of the knowledge and experience they have gained throughout the years.


The lines have been updated in 2017 and are able to grate, cube and pack the bags efficiently in both display cartons and plastic boxes. The grated cheeses are both conventional and organic cheeses. The cheeses are grated or cubed and packed in different bag types and sizes ranging from 100g to 5 kg. Customized solutions are one of our biggest focus areas.


Our topping products are products similar to cheese, in which the milk fat is replaced by vegetable oil. In a special production process we are able to achieve the right taste as well as colour, stretching and melting quality especially suited for oven baking. The product is often referred to as pizzatopping.


Our people at the stock handle both raw material cheese blocks for our grating lines as well as commodities for distribution. A lot of orders are handled with short lead times in order to secure flexibility for our customers.


Food safety and quality control is a very important part of our daily business. Falengreen holds an FSSC22000 certification, which is a total certification for food safety, based on internationally acknowledged standards. Additionally, Falengreen holds various other special certifications, including production of organic products and Halal certificate.


Customized solutions, small quantities and short lead time.


Conventional cheeses, organic cheeses, topping products – grated or cubed –small or big bags.


Current development of new mixes of cheeses and topping recipes based on different oils and different tastes.